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There’s nothing like auto detailing to really make your car look its best. Even if you’ve had it for a while, the newly polished colors and the sun gleaming on the waxed hood will make it look like it just drove out of the lot for the first time.

Not all car wash places are made the same. Some just provide the bare minimum, washing off the dirt, giving the car a bit of polish, and calling it a day. This is fine if you just want the car to be cleaned, but if your car is something special you may want a bit more.

Because of mandatory state inspection in Austin, you’ll also have to make sure that your ride meets the governmental standards. Though this is usually associated with auto inspection, there are also truck, trailer, and motorcycle inspection tests. Whatever it is you use, you can benefit by having experts check to make sure that it will pass vehicle inspection requirements.

Those who are preparing for state inspection in Austin should contact us at Yates State Inspections.